LHV’s wooden constructions are adapted to the specific needs of our clients. Our many years of experience in woodbuilding makes LHV your ideal partner for carrying out your personal project. We can offer you the construction type that perfectly fits your needs. Our suppliers have been carefully selected and only the best materials are offered at a fair price.

Why choose wood?

Wood is a natural and living material that contributes to a sense of well-being and comfort. Apart from its durable character, wood has many qualities that are very interesting compared to those of traditional building materials.

“An infinite and sustainable source”

Wood is an almost infinite source that combines high technology and sustainability. The wood used for the structures offered by LHV comes from sustainably managed forests. At European level, the forested area grows by more than 80 million m3 each year, with only 50 million m3 being cut.

“Building with wood is choosing a responsible and sustainable approach”


Due to the very low thermal inertia, the insulating properties of wood are far superior to those of stone or concrete. This insulation ability can result in a significant reduction of the energy bill.

“A wooden house is 3 times better isolated than a brick house!”


Wooden buildings fit perfectly in rural settings and contribute to the conservation of the environment and natural resources. By promoting maintenance and renewal of forests, the wood building promotes the absorption of a large amount of CO2. In addition, wood does not emit chemicals. Finally, wood is a natural regulator of air humidity and ambient temperature. This contributes to the sensation of comfort which is experienced in a wooden house.
“A wooden house offers a healthy, dry environment”

Short and clean construction

Wood construction makes it possible to shorten the duration of construction considerably. Transport and waste are also minimized.

Why choose LHV?

The wooden constructions offered by LHV are designed to last a very long time and can be passed on to next generations. Every project of LHV is the result of a person’s or family’s dream and LHV is there to make this dream come true.
Every human being is unique and any project as well. LHV understands this and makes a detailed study of the expectations of its clients for each project. Type of house, number of levels, location, surroundings, number of rooms …, all critical points are discussed.

The result? 100% satisfied clients!

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